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Bistro MD Review

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Bistro M.D. is a diet food delivery company which delivers through-out the USA.

They claim to offer chef designed meals that have been doctor approved. They call this “The Foodie The M.D.”.

Beside meals, Bistro has a team standing by to support those on their diet delivery program:

  • Help from Doctor Cederquist through webinars and articles.
  • A personal dietician to answer your questions.
  • Workout tips and programs provided by a personal trainer.

This is all available via a members only extensive website.

Overall, the meal plans they offer are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, averaging just under 1200 calories a day for women.

There are several levels of service to choose from based on your needs and life-style, but the two most popular options are listed below.

Bistro M.D. Pricing

Option 17 days worth of food. (3 meals per day)$159.95/week or $22.85/day*
Option 25 days worth of food. (3 meals per day)$129.95/week or $25.99/day*

* Both options incur a $19.95 shipping fee, but is free the first week.

All meals are customizable based on the unique likes and needs of the customer using a new members portal (myBistroMD).

Marilyn Chivetta Loses Over 129 Pounds on BistroMD

Packaging, Delivery and Service

Bistro M.D. delivers a weeks worth of meals to your doorstep via FedEx. The food comes frozen with dry ice in an insulated cardboard box.

Our Taste Test

My order of a weeks worth of food arrived when they promised and was still frozen and well packaged.

The food was frozen and packed by meal so it was easy to sort it out according to the printed menu provided. The non-perishable snacks and breakfast items were in a separate box located with in the main package.

All food was in perfect condition except for the tray of waffles which was cracked, with the waffles broken up.

We called customer service about this and the very polite and helpful woman apologized and said I could receive a replacement or credit on my next order.

All meals had clear labels with ingredients and nutritional information included.

Most food was packaged in cardboard and vacuum sealed plastic pouches with some food in sealed plastic trays. There were thick polystyrene squares lining the main box to keep the food frozen. I again called the polite customer service to see if these were recollected and re-used by Bistro MD. I was told that I could re-use them, but they were not re-used or collected by Bistro.

Sample Menu


Protein Bagel served with cream cheese.

Morning Snack

Pineapple and orange low calorie, high protein shake.


Whole Wheat Penne Pasta Served with our own Vodka Sauce, Mixed Vegetables.

Afternoon Snacks

BBQ Crunch O’s


Chicken Cordon Blue – Classic French Chicken stuffed with savory ham and low fat cheese. Served with brown rice, mixed vegetables and a side of haricots verts.

Preparation Required

Bistro M.D.’s food is prepared by using a microwave.

All meals can be re-heated in the microwave. Note that it is recommended that the foods be defrosted first before using the microwave method.

Best Dishes

The best meals I sampled were the Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast and the Pork Tenderloin with Apple Cider Sauce. Both meals were flavorful and the side dishes were fresh and tasty.

Worst Dishes

The only meal that I would not want to eat again was The Count of Monte Cristo Sandwich with the Butternut Squash Puree. It was mainly just luncheon meat with cheese and syrup and the squash dish reminded me of baby food.


Dr Phil has endorsed Bistro MD on his show — and has used the service a number of times to help overweight guests on his show. Jillian Michaels has also recommended the diet (on the show The Doctors).

In a recent blind taste test on ABC7 – Bistro MD was chosen over 3 other services (Diet-to-go, Jenny Craig, eDiets).

Quality Food and Service

Overall, I would recommend Bistro as a good choice for dieters who have difficulty controlling portion size and counting calories.

The majority of the food was enjoyable to eat and easy to prepare.

I really liked the meals that could be prepared using the hot water bath method. They tasted fresh and as if I prepared them from scratch. However, the microwave meals didn’t really stand out and tasted much like any other microwavable frozen meal from the grocery store. The meals were well seasoned yet low in sodium.

The only recommendation I would make is to pick the option without snacks so that you could supplement the plan with fresh fruits and vegetables.

By Mizpah Matus B.Hlth.Sc(Hons)

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Last Reviewed: March 15, 2018

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